Early Decision

Exceptional high school seniors who target Holy Cross as their top choice may apply for Early Decision. Upon acceptance, Early Decision applicants are expected to enroll in Holy Cross, subject to financial aid determinations, and to withdraw all pending applications at other colleges.

There are some advantages to applying for Early Decision, providing that Holy Cross is your top college choice. An Early Decision application demonstrates your commitment to and excitement about attending Holy Cross. Because the application deadline is earlier than regular decision and the applicant pool is smaller, counselors have more time to evaluate your candidacy. An Early Decision acceptance also alleviates the stress of the college search during your senior year in high school.

Should the Committee be unable to grant acceptance, the application will either be denied and receive no further consideration, or will be deferred until regular admission. The candidate must then have an official transcript of the mid-year grades sent to Holy Cross.

If applying Early Decision, please use the table below as a guideline to completing your application and keeping track of all required as well as optional credentials.

Notification of a decision will be made 2-3 weeks after all required credentials are received.

(These items constitute a complete application.)
-Application with $60 fee Submitted by December 15, 2014.
-Teacher Recommendation
-Counselor   Recommendation
-Early Decision Agreement Form
Applications can be submitted anytime on or before Dec 15. Decisions are made on a rolling basis, 3-4 weeks after an application becomes complete
-First Marking Period (Senior Year) Grades As soon as they are available


Optional Deadlines
Review of COMPLETED applications will likely begin in mid-November.  If you are submitting any of the following OPTIONAL application components, please complete/submit them no later than one week after your completed application has been sent to us to ensure that they are reviewed with your application.


On-Campus Interview
(highly recommended)
November 21, 2014
(Please call at least two weeks in advance to schedule)
Standardized Test Scores December 15, 2014
Supplementary Materials
(artwork, music recordings, theatre clips, etc.) Supplementary Materials can now be submitted through the Common App Member Screen or online via our Slideroom Website
December 15, 2014


Financial Aid Deadlines
CSS Profile®*
(College Scholarship Service)
Priority deadline of November 1, 2014
(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
February 1, 2015


Make sure you have answered all questions thoroughly and precisely. Remember, you are your best advocate, so take some time when completing each section of the application. If the forms do not provide enough space, feel free to use additional sheets. The application form (http://www.commonapp.org), along with your $60.00 application fee, must be sent electronically. In cases where our fee would cause undue hardship, Holy Cross honors the College Board fee waiver request initiated by your high school counselor.

Teacher Recommendation:
One teacher recommendation is required.  Additional letters of support are welcome.

Early Decision Agreement Form:
Early Decision Agreement Form completed and returned by mail, fax or thru the Common Application online. 

If completing the form online, please follow the instructions and be sure to include your electronic signature. If mailing or faxing the form, click on the link above to download the ED Agreement Form. Under "First-year applicants can use the following forms" click and download the "Early Decision Agreement Form" which is the seventh form down from the top of the list. Print the form, obtain the required signatures, and then mail it to: College of the Holy Cross, Office of Admissions, One College Street, Worcester, MA 01610 or fax to 508-793-3888.

Given the rolling nature of the Early Decision process, if you are having an on-campus interview, please make sure it is scheduled and completed as soon as possible. Interview appointments are offered on any day that the Admissions Office is open for business. To arrange for an on-campus interview, please call the Admissions Office at 1-800-442-2421.  Off-campus alumni interviews are not available for Early Decision applicants.

Standardized Testing:
The submission of standardized test scores is optional. If you are submitting testing, request scores be sent to the College. The College Board code number is 3282. The American College Testing Program code is 1810. Students who opt not to submit scores will not be at any disadvantage in Admissions decisions.

Supplementary Materials:
Students with strong extracurricular interests are invited to submit samples of their talent.  Our most common submissions are of a musical, theatrical or artistic nature. These materials may be in the form of images (jpg, png, gif), videos (mov, wmv, flv, mp4), PDF, or MP3, and should be submitted through the Common Application or via our Slideroom Website.   

CSS Profile:
Early Decision candidates who wish to be considered for financial assistance should file a College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile form (https://profileonline.collegeboard.com/prf/index.jsp) – available beginning in September.

*In addition, copies of the “Non-Custodial Parent's Statement” and/or “Business/Farm Supplement” should be sent directly to the Financial Aid Office at this time. The Non-Custodial Parent Statement as well as the Business/Farm Supplement are forms that may have to be completed based on the information you provided on the Profile registration.

For questions regarding financial aid, please call 508-793-2265 or send an e-mail to financialaid@holycross.edu

CSS Profile Priority Deadline:
Students who complete the CSS profile by November, 1, 2014 will generally receive their financial aid notification within one week of receiving their Admissions decision.

For questions regarding financial aid, please call 1-508-793-2265 or send an e-mail to financialaid@holycross.edu